First South Pole Expedition By Roald Amundsen

Roald Amundsen - South Pole ExpeditionRoald Amundsen a Norwegian explorer led the first expedition to reach the south pole. His crew of five members reached south pole on 14-12-1911. Amundsen initially planned to conquer North Pole and raised funds for that purpose. But in 1909 two American explorers claimed that they have reached the north pole, so he changed his plan and prepared for a south pole expedition. He kept his change of plan as secret and even when he set out in june 1910 most people believed he is heading for a north pole expedition.

Amundsen’s crew are experts in use of sledge dogs which helped them to advance rapidly. During the same time a British explorer named Scott also led his team of five to south pole expedition. Although Amundsen’s party reached the south pole five weeks ahead of scott’s team. After successfully reaching the south pole, Amundsen’s team returned back to their base safely but later they came to know that Scott’s and his crew died on their journey.

Inspite of the successful completion of his south pole expedition for the first time, more importance was given to Scott’s heroic death at that time. But later explorers understand the courage of Amundsen to undertake this expedition and finishing it successfully. The scientific base station at the south pole was named after Amundsen and Scott to remember their achievement.


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