South Pole Animals

Life in the south pole is very difficult due to the severe cold out there. The long darkness and cold made it one of the most difficult place for life on earth. Without any special wears your breath will condense and skin will freeze in few seconds. South Pole is at the center of the antartic continent and only humans in heated facilities can survive the severe weather during winter. Life is very harsh even for the animals adapted to cold areas.

Very few animals inhabit the antartic continent and the surrounding polar sea, which includes  skuas, penguins, whales, seals, few types of birds and microbes.

Taking south pole in particular there is hardly any animals inhabiting other than microbes and men in heated shelters.


South Pole Skua

South Polar Skua

Skuas are big sea birds which feed on fish. They are aggressive scavengers,often pose threat to other birds and penguins are easy target for them. They lay eggs near sea shore. Some researchers spotted skua in the south pole but mostly it was believed they were off course as there is is no food available in the south pole.

Micro Animals

Due to extreme climatic conditions there are no insects in the continent. But some roundworms which are microscopic are able to survive in the soil.

Micro Organisms
Some active bacterias were found by researchers in the south pole. Despite the extreme cold conditions they were able to survive and reproduce.

There are three species of penguins found in the south polar region. They lay their eggs inland to take advantage of the solid ice coverage and they move to the sea for food and breeding. Penguins do not fly but they are excellent swimmers. They hunt for their fish in the polar sea.

Seals live in the polar water and they breed in the land. They depend on the sea for their food. They have thick layers of blubber and fur to survive the cold. Due to lack of predators they survive in large numbers in the south pole.

Whales are found in the south polar sea. They feed on fish and seals. During summer they move north for breeding.

More than 30 sea birds are spotted in the south polar sea. They mostly migrate to the south pole during summer and move north for winter.

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